Notes from Spain
Travel, living, and working in Spain
A beautiful area of waterfall-filled parkland on the way to Barcelona from Madrid. See for photos.
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14 minutes in the back streets of Barcelona. Who needs Gaudi? See for more Barcelona recommendations.
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Despite all appearances no alcohol was consumed before the making of this podcast. See to comment...
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Ben and Marina spend a night in Siguenza castle, now a Parador, deep in Castilla La Mancha. See for more details.
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Many of you will know Alan (AKA 'El listo') and Brian (AKA 'Greytop'), from the forums, and here they are in reality! - See for full details.
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Ben and Marina check out Madrid's famous Sunday market. See Notes from Spain for more details.
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An interview with Chris Stewart, author of Driving Over Lemons, on his farm in the Alpujarra mountains. See for more details.
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Not many people put a trip to Vallecas at the top of their birthday list, but it really appealed to me! Another wonderful market lies at the centre of a very traditional Barrio Madrileño. See for details and photos...
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Ben and Marina check out the summer fiestas in Madrid. See for details.
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Ben and Marina bring you a soundseeing tour from Ourense Market, see for details!
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Helpful hints for all of you who hope to make the big move to Spain soon! See for full details.
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Heat stroke may account for these random ramblings from the beach. See for details.
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Ryan from talks to Ben about why it isn't all just Rioja, Rioja, Rioja...
see for details and to comment...
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Ben and Marina wonder what's going on... it's world cup time and although England is festooned with the national flag, the Spanish flag is nowhere to be seen in Spain... see
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Ben and Marina visit the Feria del Libro in the Retiro Park and talk about the rise of the book in Spanish culture. See for details and to comment.
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Ben and Marina celebrate the NFS 1 year anniversary in Ibiza!
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Ben and Marina take a trip back to their old barrio, the emblematic and fast-changing neighbourhood of Madrid.
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Ben and Marina sit in Madrid's Plaza de Oriente discussing Easter celebrations, life in the UK, and Fiestas in Madrid.
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Ben and Marina head up to El Escorial and fullfil a very special request...
Full details at
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Full 22 min version. Don Justo is a man who has spent the last 40 years building a cathedral in Mejorada del Campo, a village about 20 kilometres from Madrid. Marina and I, accompanied by her mother and (architect) father visit and attempt to describe this incredible building, and tell the story of Don Justo's life.
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Ben and Marina comment on the historic decision by ETA to declare a permanent ceasefire.
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Ben's 2000 km marathon motorbike trip in Southern India - see for more details and photos.
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Ben and Marina answer your questions on Travel in Spain. See for more details.
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Ben and Marina travel to Asturias for the weekend, to visit the beautiful Asturian capital of Oviedo. See for full details.
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A walk by the lake in the Retiro Park, Madrid. See for full details and to comment.
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Happy New Year! See for full details and to comment.
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